The Rhythm Shooter in Fortnite
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VIBEZONE in Fortnite Creative is the music-driven game where every beat matters. Play smarter by jumping to the rhythm: get ammo on the ‘1’ beat, boost health on the ‘3’, and secure a shield by hitting ‘1 and 3’ consecutively. VIBEZONE hosts epic battles for up to 12 players, continuously refreshed with new music from emerging artists, keeping the battleground alive and the musical experience ever-evolving.

Current music feature


The sound of La Byle [ˈLa:baɪ̯liː] is a feverish percussive driven social statement. The umbanda rhythms cut up into electronic dancefloor disorientation stays true to its ritual practice.

Elevate with the beat.

As gaming eclipses traditional social media, our games blend music and gameplay for an engaging player experience. These games not only satisfy players but also allow brands to connect with their audience uniquely.

Get Ammo

Get Health

Get Shield

Gain XP in Fortnite

VIBEZONE is tuned with special rhythm quests, allowing players to earn experience points for their Fortnite accounts. Accomplish these by nailing predefined beat patterns and rhythmic sequences, turning each jump, each move, into a strategic symphony that enhances your overall Fortnite journey. In VIBEZONE, every beat is an opportunity, every rhythm a strategy, and every game a novel musical battle.

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